” I had such a wonderful evening yesterday, on my Birthday, at the your Bistro. The food was, as per usual, absolutely delicious and my Mother and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves ”
– Helena North –

” We never bargained on this great experience. Excellent food, service and entertainment. We will have many more stories to tell about your wonderful place ”

– Wiliam Lawson –
” The menu, ambience and special attention given by your staff to the guests, was as always of the highest standard. We continue to receive compliments by many of those who were present ”
– Amanda Halleson –





Hours Monday 8–9PM
Hours Tuesday 8–9PM
Hours Wednesday 8–9PM
Hours Thursday 8–9PM
Hours Friday 8–10PM
Hours Saturday 8–10PM
Hours Sunday 8–10PM



Hours Monday 2–10PM
Hours Tuesday 2–10PM
Hours Wednesday 2–10PM
Hours Thursday 2–10PM
Hours Friday 2–1AM
Hours Saturday 1–1AM
Hours Sunday 1–10PM


CAFE & BAR HOURS. Downstairs World Coffee Cafe Phone: (828) 225-6998
Upstairs SkyBar Phone: (828) 258-1058
Address: 18 Battery Park Ave
Asheville, NC 28801


I love the different environments and settings at World Coffee Café. The selection of local herbal teas, coffee beverages, desserts and light food were fresh, expertly prepared and select. The street cafe seating on Battery Park Avenue is one of Asheville’s best people watching at sidewalks – locals, hipsters, veterans, tourists and musical buskers of every genre. The cafe pipes in a great downbeat, world music and jazz playlist! The inside two window seats are perfect for artists, writers and readers. In the back there are a myriad of spaces to enjoy conversation with friends and even a piano and congas. In the evening I loved having cocktails and light appetizers seated at the SKYBAR terraces. Truly the miraculous views of Asheville’s western mountains.  The cafe is housed in Asheville’s Flatiron Building built in 1920’s so it has a lovely classical charm with its terrazzo marble floors and attended antique elevator. World Coffee Café is truly the center of Asheville’s Paris of the South. My memories of a light brunch with my mother – fresh orange juice mimosas and craft Bloody Mary cocktail.

– Jaqueline B., Pont du Gard, Provence France.


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Contact Us

Contact Us

We’d love to hear from you! Contact us, we work hard to deliver you the best service and a pleasant experience. We want to be as available as possible.

If you feel there is something we should hear,  we want to know.  You can call or you can email. The World Coffee Cafe is part of the Historic Flatiron Building. We are always pleased to answer any questions you may have in regards to coffee as well as our landmark Flatiron and it’s 90 year history.

Contact us here and we’ll respond within 24 hours.
Our main entrance is at 18 Battery Park Avenue, Asheville, North Carolina, 28801

Shop number:                    (828) 225-6998

Managers Number:          (828)-258-3999


World Coffee Cafe has two entrances at 18 (downstairs) or 20 (upstairs) Battery Park Avenue, Asheville, North Carolina 28801.

We are located in the triangular 1924 skyscraper Flatiron building between Battery Park Avenue and Wall Street.

A large sculpture representing an actual flat iron (old cast iron appliances for smoothing wrinkles out of clothes) designed by Reed Todd, 1997 sits across from the blunted point of our nine story building.

When the doors of street level of World Coffee Cafe close (9 or 10pm) its SKYBAR remains open late. Enter through the lobby of the The Flatiron Building and ring the buzzer on our antique elevator. Unless the signs indicate otherwise, someone will be down in a moment to whisk you up to our lounges and balconies.